Back up your business decisions.
Practical, personalized systems to guide your success

KDM provides affordable and effective hosted and in-house solutions for small to medium-size companies. We consolidate layers of relevant data to create a clear picture of your customer base that informs your decision-making at every level.
KROL Customer Relationship Management
Customer Life Cycle with Data Solutions

More than a marketing tool.
KDM sources information that drives value for your company.

Our data solutions:

  • Centralize customer information and activities to illuminate key motivators
  • Project the lifetime value of each customer
  • Highlight which marketing efforts are working best
  • Position your business to achieve a higher return on investment

Know your customers. Grow your business.

With marketing, circulation, and vendor services expertise, we have firsthand experience with the challenges your business faces. KDM addresses your company’s distinct needs, designing data platforms that enable you to forge stronger relationships with your customers.

Take control of your data.