Too much data and too little information?

KDM transforms data into information for the actionable insight that helps you grow your business.

KDM designs custom and semi-custom analytic databases that organize data for more accurate reporting and analysis. Our custom solutions provide valuable insight into customer activity and our innovative marketing strategies identify new prospects and nurture a growing customer base.

About Us

KDM has a proven track record of helping clients grow their customer base through improved data collection, analytic database architecture and design, customer contact strategy, and CRM development and execution.

Success Stories

At KDM, we use a mix of time-tested and novel solutions to overcome your unique business challenges. Find out how we work with clients to achieve results that keep them coming back for more.

Customer Base Review

Your customer base is the immune system of your business body. KDM’s review diagnoses the health of your customer base and prescribes strategies to help your business reach optimum health.


Analytic Database Development and Management

The strategies that will help you build your customer base are found in your data. Our custom and semi-custom solutions can help you develop achievable goals based on actionable insight.


Customer Relationship Management

Your job becomes easier when you have adequate time and resources. KDM reduces your stress by providing the amount of help you need to deliver the right message at the right time.

Reporting Tool

Limited Access

There is nothing more frustrating than having a database full of information but limited access to the knowledge it contains. Our reporting tool gives you control over your customer information, enabling you to conduct your own analysis online, anytime.

KDM developed a tool that helped Office Depot allocate marketing expenditures and improve revenue results both in e-commerce and direct marketing. The tool worked so well, that I hired KDM to customize the tool for the customer base at Brookstone three years later.

Author's imageJeff Rohling
Former Vice President and General Manager of E-commerce and Brand Strategy at Office Depot and Brookstone

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